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What are the Different Types and Sizes of Standardized Printing Papers?

Every printer as well as types of work need specific type and size of paper which is often considered mandatory. However, amidst so many different types and sizes of papers available in the market, it is often confusing which specific types and sizes will fit your printer and do the intended job appropriately. If you are to take printout from your own printer for any specific job but confused to determine which paper type or size to choose, you can frankly share the dilemma with the paper store if you find them qualified and experienced such as 123ink printer paper deals and fetch the appropriate paper that will serve your purpose. You can also learn other different components regarding paper which are necessary for you before purchasing paper such as different coatings and weight.

There are broadly 8 different types of papers which are used in the printers namely inkjet printer papers, laser printer papers, matte, bright white paper, glossy paper, card stock paper, and resume paper. Similarly, there are different sizes of papers to fit into different printers and for different purposes or jobs such as A size and in A size, there are A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6, A7, A8, A9, and A10; SRA, C size which is similar to A size papers with C1 to C10.

In addition to paper types and sizes, you need to know about the paper weight which are usually measured through GSM or Grams Per Square Metre. While measuring the papers in GSM, other things such as density and thickness of the paper is taken into consideration which ultimately relates to the quality.

Towards giving a short description of the types different papers, the inkjet papers are specific forms of papers specially designed for inkjet printers to print with ink. These papers work well to print glossy, photo, business cards, greetings cards etc. Similarly, the laser printer papers are the one most frequently used for various purposes especially in business purposes such as for printing business documents, cheques, mailing labels etc.

Another type of paper which is also used frequently is the matte which is suitable for almost every type of jobs. The matte paper has a white quoting which allows the ink to dry faster resulting in faster printing of documents. In order to print high quality documents and other materials, most people use bright while paper due to its brightness. The glossy paper is traditionally used mostly in printing photos rather than texts.

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