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NetBase and Other Influential Social Media Tools for Business

The Basics

When a company refers to media marketing tools, usually, they are referring to tools being used to promote their company in one way or another. A company can use these marketing tools in various ways to help grow their business. First, they can help to make the company better known by spreading the name and services of the company to more and more prospective buyers. Secondly, a company that uses media marketing tools can eradicate and reduce negative feedback about the company by addressing them at their source. Social media tools are designed to broaden the reach of a business, a person, or a company beyond the regular print marketing tools to those which embrace social media.

Types of Marketing Tools

When a company decides to embrace the way of using social media tools and specifically media marketing tools, they will need to integrate whichever tools they choose into their entire marketing campaign. It is because of this breadth of scope of a business that there are so many media marketing tools available to companies.

Types of Media Marketing Tools

  • Lead Generation Tools
  • Buyer Persona Tools
  • Security Tools
  • Analytical Tools
  • Content Creation Tools
  • Graphics Tools
  • Monitoring and Sharing Tools
  • Content Curation Tools
  • News Filtering Tools
  • Influencer Tools

Stage One

It is seldom underestimated how important it is for a company to choose the correct type of media marketing tool to produce the right result for the company’s global marketing targets. Each one of the categories of social media tools above used for marketing has one thing in common. All of them can be used to bring about a better marketing result for a company.

What is NetBase

NetBase is a very successful media marketing company that specializes in analyzing all of a company’s social media streams and categorizes them into different types of real-time streams which can be used to strengthen marketing plans, re-direct consumer interest, harness is hidden potential interactions with consumers, and carry forward brand awareness to a business’s consumers. NetBase has shown very influential results with large companies as varied as IKEA®, Coca-Cola®, Taco Bell®, Lloyds Bank®, Seven Eleven®, and Arbys®.

Social Media Marketing

In recent years social media tools have become an active component for businesses that seek to take advantage of their social media tools used to communicate with their consumers, clients, followers, and bloggers. Each type of social media stream can be a specific type of social media tool used to analyze and categorize information about followers and consumers. The right knowledge about a consumer and their preferences they give about themselves on social media can lead to a future consumer for a targeted ad for a product, service, or invitation to the company’s influence.

Working with Influencers

On the other hand, if a company can find particular influencers who are also followers on social media can also lead to more fabulous followers through the influencer. For example, Influential is a program that allows a company to understand how influential they are among social media, and knowing how a company stands about its consumers can help a company to change the image it presents to consumers before a negative image is gets disseminated throughout the internet. Tools like Facebook Analytics give a company a precise analysis of who interacts with the company and where, as well as hundreds of other data points worthy of a business developing its marketing muscles.

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