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Is It Important To Have A Corporate Power Point Template

When we are faced with the task of making a presentation at PowerPoint as representatives of a company or large corporation, there is an objective that we must always consider, which is to position brand values.

These values, which were previously defined in the corporate identity creation process and are part of the corporate DNA, can be represented in different ways and through different channels.

The ppt design [desain pptwhich is the term in Indonesia] presentation is one of the most used resources in different businessareas and is ideal, not only to convey the content of interest but also to reinforce the company’s values ​​in internal and external audiences.

To use a presentation as a vehicle for the transmission of corporate identity efficiently, we must create an exclusive format that contains the visual and emotional elements that describe the business DNA and ensure that it is used in the different departments correctly.

What Elements Of Visual Identity Should The Corporate Powerpoint Template Have


The logo is one of the elements that must be visible in a measuredway in the presentation design. In large corporations, there are different lines of products and services that generally have their visual identity kit. It is necessary to be clear which logo belongs to which service line and for which presentations they should be used.

When there are categories of products and services, both the logo corresponding to the category and the main brand logo must be used in the presentation design.


Corporate fonts may or may not change from one service line to another, depending on the segmentation strategy, the main brand typography is maintained.

In general, corporate typefaces are composed of two, maximum of three typefaces, and each one fulfills a function within the content to be presented: Headlines, subtitles, and broad text.

Once the typography functions have been defined, they must be made clear in the corporate powerpoint template to prevent any member of the company from confusing their use.


The corporate color palette can also change accordingto the company’s product line. These colors can be used more freely, unlike typefaces. If some graphics or figures are to be presented in the ppt presentation, the ideal is that they are designed with corporate colors.

Style Line

This ingredient is very important within the visual identity of a company. It goes beyond colors and fonts. In this aspect, the styles that are used in the creation of graphic resources are defined, for example, filters and effects for photographs, skirts, illustrations.

The graphic line is difficult to translate into a PowerPoint template, so we recommend designing a “manual for using PowerPoint presentations,” which specifies the entire graphic system that must be followed when creating a presentation of the company.

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