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Finding the Perfect TV Wall Mount for Your Living Room

Mounting a TV especially with a wall mount is indeed a great idea particularly the contemporary ultra-thin panel TVs such as Wallpaper TVs. They not only look fabulous but save a lot of your spaces in the room as well as on the desk if you used to place them on the desk. Mounting a TV wall mount may be daunting but once the TV wall mount is installed it is not so hard rather easy to mount your TV. The real task is to choose the right and appropriate TV wall mount from a versatile store such as Primecables tv wall mount where you can find varieties of TV wall mounts to choose the best for you.
Most TV wall mounts are expected to be compatible with drywalls and come with necessary hardware that are required for installing the wall mount including the drywall anchor, nuts and bolts etc. However, if you have plans to install your TV wall mount on a masonry surface or plaster, you will probably need some stronger hardware which does not come with the wall mount. You may have to go to the local hardware store to collect the necessary material before installing your TV wall mount. Remember, you should never plan to install your TV wall mount over a fireplace.
The second most important aspect of choosing the right TV wall mount is to ensure whether the wall mount is VESA pattern. The VESA is the acronym of Video Electronic Standard Association. The VESA ensure the generic pattern of the TV wall mount and further ensures the easy attachment of your TV into the TV wall mount.
If you look for a TV wall mount online, they will be normally rated based on the screen size of the TV and secondly based on the capacity of supporting the weight they can withstand. The most important for you is the second aspect i.e. the capacity of supporting the weight they can withstand. Different brands of TV wall mount vary in weight in spite of the same size of the TVs. You need to read the description online to find out the maximum weight and size of the screen it can hold, and you can find them at the info on the wall mount box if you are visiting a store.
The next important aspect is the flexibility of your wall mount. If you want to see it from other rooms, you probably need a pivoting wall mount in order to change the direction. Similarly, if you wish to place your TV at a corner, a specially designed corner mount would be the best option for you.

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