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5 Pros and Cons of Monitoring Apps Every Parent Should Know About 

We are a part of the digital era where everybody is seen using a digital device of some sort. Nobody likes getting abandoned in the digital world. They keep in touch with others and gather new information through the internet. The same goes for your children. They like exploring and getting exposed to trending topics with the help of the internet. 

However, it is a well-known fact that the internet is not a safe place for your children. They can be exposed to legitimate threats that could land your children in trouble while browsing the internet. Before anything bad happens to them, it is recommended to get hands on an effective monitoring app. Be it Android spy apps or iPhone monitoring software, you can consider using them for your child’s online safety. 

Parental control software or monitoring apps will let you monitor and track your children’s online activities. By deploying these apps on your children’s smartphones, you can be aware of all the things they have been doing on the internet. This can help you take notice of all the sites they have been visiting frequently and how much they have been spending on social media sites and other activities. 

The main agenda is to protect your children from rising online threats such as pedophilia, cyberbullying, pornography, sexting, and many other potential online risks. 

While making use of effective parental control or monitoring software can provide you with many benefits, it can also raise a sense of betrayal between parents and children. Installing a monitoring app could possibly jeopardize a good healthy relationship between parents and their children. 

In this post, we will discuss both the advantages and disadvantages of using a monitoring app. Parents should be aware of them in order to protect their children from online threats as well as maintain a healthy relationship with them. 

5 Pros of Using Monitoring Apps

Here are the top pros of using monitoring apps for your children’s online safety: 

Block Inappropriate Content

Using monitoring apps or parental control software is great for filtering and blocking websites and apps that contain or advertise inappropriate content. 

The inappropriate content could be pornographic content, violence and sexting sites, gambling content, drugs, and alcohol-related sites, etc. 

Generally, children come across such type of content in the form of popups while browsing the internet or mobile application. It only takes a click for children to become exposed to such content.

Monitoring Online Activity

One of the important features of a monitoring app is tracking all the activities performed on your child’s smartphone. You can remotely monitor your child’s smartphone activity from anywhere and at any time through the app’s online dashboard. 

Precisely, you can track their web browsing history, incoming and outgoing phone calls and text messages, social media activity, etc.  

One of the prominent features of the parental software is tracking activities made by the Smartphone. You can track your kid’s Smartphone activity remotely anytime and anywhere. Installing and using a monitoring app should be a piece of cake for most parents because it’s really easy to use. Even a non-technical person can understand how to use the app. 

Track Location

There are a few monitoring apps that allow you to track your child’s cell phone location. Such apps are embedded with incredible GPS technology which provides a location along with the exact whereabouts of your kids. You can record and listen to the phone’s surroundings by automatically invoking the microphone and video of your child’s phone. You can easily find out where your child has been sneaking around after school. 

Protection from Online Dangers 

Your children can get exposed to several online dangers such as cyberbullying, pedophilia, sexting, pornography, etc. without being unaware of the dangers posed by these threats, your children can easily fall for the bait. By installing a monitoring app on their devices, you can nullify the threat emanating from these online dangers and can teach your children how to stay away from them. 

Distinct Benefits 

The majority of the monitoring apps come with other benefits as well. They allow you to monitor instant messaging apps, get access to their phone’s contact list, and spy on their emails. Some monitoring apps also provide you with keylogging feature which helps you maintain a record of all the keystrokes your child has made on their device. 

5 Cons of Using Monitoring Apps

Like every other thing, monitoring apps also have a set of disadvantages apart from having certain advantages. Parents should be aware of the cons of using monitoring apps before installing them onto their children’s devices. 

Effect on Parent-Child Relationship 

Let’s not ignore the fact that deploying a parental control app on your child’s smartphone could possibly raise a sense of betrayal in your child. Your child could be unhappy with the idea of their online activity being monitored by his/her parents. No child would want his/her parents to invade their online piracy. 

Your child would stop believing in you which can lead them to have both mental and emotional strain. Blocking and filtering frequently visited sites may annoy your child as he/she could feel restricted on the internet. They would not like getting their online activity monitored and may even go on to despise you. Thus, monitoring apps could bring a negative effect on the relationship between a parent and their child. 

Do Not Undermine Your Child’s Intelligence

If your child is a tech geek or highly intelligent with digital gadgets then installed monitoring software or app is in danger because there is a high chance that he/she might uninstall it. Parents should never undermine their kid’s intelligence as he/she could easily figure out how to remove the app from their device, not enabling you to monitor their online activity any more. 

Beware of Malicious Software 

You wouldn’t realize but malicious software could be attached to a monitoring app that you have installed on your child’s phone. Most hidden spy apps for Android or iOS devices that you find on the internet could have malicious software attached to them. This malicious software could be a virus and pose a serious threat to your child’s phone resulting in a huge loss of important data. 

A malicious virus could also sabotage other electronic devices attached to them. Therefore, you should never trust an unknown monitoring app as they may contain a virus. 


The monitoring apps providing advanced surveillance features may be quite expensive. Some monitoring apps do offer free trial versions but to benefit from its advanced monitoring features, you need to purchase its premium plan. Not every parent could afford such a costly monitoring app. Therefore, this is also one of the cons of using a monitoring app. 

Fake Monitoring Apps 

Most companies are advertising and selling fake and bogus parental control and monitoring apps that do not provide you with the trust to monitor your child’s activity using their apps. 

Before trying these apps, parents must read the terms and conditions on their websites along with online reviews about them to understand whether or not they are of any use. You can also ask around people in your family or online whether they have heard or used the monitoring app. 

Parents should only consider using monitoring apps if they think their children have already chosen the path of wrongdoings. We would always recommend to get in touch with your child first and know about the situation. Open and honest communication with your child does more help than a monitoring app would ever do. 

Also, it is always better to interact with your child and ask about their problems instead of spying on their online activity. This ensures a good and healthy relationship with the children as parents can teach them how to use the online platforms safely and sensibly. 

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